Our Team

Colby Sassano (@csassy2)


Junior, Sport Management

Hometown: South Bend, Indiana

  1. Dream Job: GM of the Chicago Blackhawks. The Blackhawks have one of the strongest cultures of winning in hockey, and I would love to be a part of that organization one day. Chicago is also one of my favorite cities.
  2. Favorite Athletics Moment: Being a part of the atmosphere when X beat Zona. Everyone was hopping on tables, and hugging each other even if you didn’t know the other person. It was a great feeling among all the Xavier fans!
  3. Blue Blob or D’Artagnan: Roll Blob Roll
  4. Favorite Athlete: Patrick Kane. Have you ever seen him stick handle? He’s faster in real life than the NHL video game. Best hands to ever touch a hockey puck
  5. Favorite Sport: Football. My family lives and breathes football. My grandpa still coaches with my dad, and during the summer I often assist my dad with coaching.
  6. Super Power: To be able to only talk to cute animals, not ugly ones.

 Madison Singler (@singler_madison)


Junior, Sport Management & Accounting

Hometown: Skaneateles, New York 

  1. Dream Job: CFO for an NHL team
  2. Favorite Athletics Moment: When Xavier made a run to make the final round of the Big East tournament my freshman year (2015). It was pretty great especially because I got to witness it in THE garden.
  3. Blue Blob or D’Artagnan: Blue Blob (I was the Blob….)
  4. Favorite Athlete: Aaron Rodger, GO PACK GO!
  5. Favorite Sport: Ice Hockey
  6. Super Power: Flying, I think it’d be cool to see things from a different perspective.

 Connor Backman (@Cbackman4)

Professional Networking Chair

Junior, Sport Management & Public Relations

Hometown: Buffalo, New York

  1. Dream Job: Media Relations in the NFL
  2. Favorite Athletics Moment: Xavier beating three teams ranked 6 seed or lower to make the Elite Eight in the 2017 NCAA Tournament.
  3. Blue Blob or D’Artagnan: Blue Blob
  4. Favorite Athlete: Ezekiel Elliott -RB for the Cowboys (The Ohio State Buckeyes)
  5. Favorite Sport: Football
  6. Super Power: Time Travel – I absolutely hate wasting time and travel takes up a lot of time. If I could go places faster, I’d have more time to be with family and friends relaxing.

 Philip Nerber (@PhilipNerber)

Social Media/Marketing Coordinator

Junior, Sport Management

Hometown: South Burlington, Vermont

  1. Dream Job: Being one of those people who get paid to travel the world on the travel channel
  2. Favorite Athletics Moment: Macura, heat check…BAM!
  3. Blue Blob or D’Artagnan: D’Artagnan all day
  4. Favorite Athlete: Zlatan Ibrahimović
  5. Favorite Sport: Favorite to play is hockey; favorite to watch is football, so I guess you could say I’m a football guy
  6. Super Power: Super speed for sure. Being a world-class athlete, with free travel, and having a stellar body sounds too good to pass up on. 

Justin Powell (@jp23treyball)

Vice President

Sophomore, Sport Management

Hometown: Holliston, Massachusetts 

  1. Dream Job: Athletic Director
  2. Favorite Athletics Moment: Patriots coming back from down 28-3 to win the Super Bowl
  3. Blue Blob or D’Artagnan: Blue Blob
  4. Favorite Athlete: Tom Brady
  5. Favorite Sport: Basketball
  6. Super Power: If I could have any super power it would be super speed like Flash so I could get anywhere really quickly. I’ve never been very fast so that would be pretty cool.

Clint Cohen (@clint5555)

Social Events Chair

Sophomore, Sport Management 

Hometown: Newbury, Massachusetts

  1. Dream job: Boston Red Sox General Manager
  2. Favorite Athletics Moment: Watching the Men’s basketball team upset the number one ranked Villanova my freshman year.
  3. Blob or D’Artagnan: Probably D’Artagnan since he’s a Musketeer and we are the Xavier Musketeers. The blob being our mascot doesn’t really make sense to me.
  4. Favorite Athlete: Tom Brady.
  5. Favorite sport: Baseball.
  6. Super Power: The ability to fly, it would save me a lot of time and $, make things very convenient.

Ian Featherstone (@the_xu_mayor)

Alumni Relations Coordinator

Sophomore, Sport Management 

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  1. Dream job: Chicago Bears General Manager
  2. Favorite Athletics Moment: traveling with the Xavier band and this year’s NCAA tournament
  3. Blob or D’Artagnan: I have a blue blob shirt I love wearing, but D’Artagnan has been killing it in these mascot dance offs during the NCAA tournament. It’s a toss up.
  4. Favorite Athlete: Tie between Kaiser Gates, JP Macura and Leighton Schrand
  5. Favorite Sport: To watch would be football, to play would be basketball
  6. Super Power: Teleportation. I love long car rides as much as the next guy, but life would be so much easier if I could just teleport places. And it’d save a lot of time.

Lucas Robins (@RobinsLucas)

Community Service Chair

Freshman, Sport Management

Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana

  1. Dream Job: NFL Director of Player Personnel
  2. Favorite Athletics Moment: To watch was the 2006 AFC Championship in Indianapolis, where the Colts won 38-34 despite an 18 point deficit at the half, giving them their first Super Bowl appearance in their history in Indianapolis
  3. Blue Blob or D’Artagnan: D’Artagnan
  4. Favorite Athlete: Peyton Manning/Andrew Luck
  5. Favorite Sport: Football
  6. Super Power: I would want to be a mind-reader so I could know what people are thinking and be able to respond accordingly. Would help everything from GPA to social life to career advancement.

Taylor McCarthy (@taylormccarthy0)


Freshman, Sport Marketing

Hometown: Wauconda, Illinois

  1. Dream Job: Marketing Director at CrossFit  
  2. Favorite Athletics Moment: Deciding to attend Xavier after basketball beat Villanova in 2016. At that point I was still undecided, but after that game I knew  I wanted to be a part of the Xavier Athletics atmosphere.   
  3. Blue Blob or D’Artagnan: Blue Blob. It is a little kid favorite, and I am really just a big little kid.
  4. Favorite Athlete: Anthony Rizzo. He is such a class act and a great athlete. When the Cubs got Rizzo, not only was he an instant star for his good looks, his passion for the game was obvious. Off the field, he is great guy who has his own Cancer Foundation.
  5. Favorite Sport: Baseball
  6. Super Power: If I could have any super power, I would have super strength. It would come in handy, and you could show it off easily.