Alumni Spotlight: Alex Land

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 2.32.38 PMCurrent role: Camp Sales Manager for ProCamps

Graduation: May 2015

When did you graduate from Xavier and what did you study?

A:  I graduated from Xavier in 2015 with a degree in Sports Management and a minor in business.

Q: Explain what Procamps is and your role.

A:  ProCamps is a best-in-class event management and sports marketing company specializing in developing, managing, and operating camps, appearances, brand activations, and related experiences for professional athletes and coaches in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, PGA, ATP, NCAA, NASCAR, WPSL, MLL, AND NFHL. ProCamps helps Fortune 500 brands activate & execute more than 200 events across the country to effectively deliver brand messaging to thousands of parents, kids, and coaches via retail promotions, TV/radio/print, social media, and on-site activations.

My title at ProCamps is Camp Sales Manager. My basic duties include generating camp revenue, creating a strong camper experience, and managing partner relationships. I am directly responsible for each events revenue growth and registration success.  

Q: What experiences from your time at Xavier helped prepare you for your career in sports?

A:  I think what helped prepare me for a career in sports was developing a sense of humility for this profession. Getting a job in this industry is not something that will be handed to you. The hard truth about working in sports is that there are a lot of people trying to get in and there are only so many spots that need to be filled. There should be no job that is too good for you, and when you are given a job you better do it the best you possibly can because every day is a try-out.

My first internship was selling raffle tickets. I didn’t wear a fancy polo or have a desk with my name on it but I got a chance to show people who mattered what I could do.  If you truly want to work in this industry you will do whatever dirty work you have to do to show that you deserve the position over the other 200+ people that have most likely applied as well. That means getting your foot in the door where you can. Your hard work will pay off but only if you are willing to put in the effort.

Q: Can you tell us about some of the stars and professional athletes you’ve gotten to work with?

A:  During my time at ProCamps, I have had the opportunity to work the camps of Rob Gronkowski, Kevin Durant, Dak Prescott, A.J. Green, Carmelo Anthony, Antonio Brown, James Harden, Alex Morgan, Henrik Lundqvist and many more.  

Q: What internships did you do while at Xavier?

A:  While at Xavier, I held a few different internships. Those internships include, the Anthony Munoz Foundation, ProCamps, and the Flying Pig Marathon. As a student, I heard countless people tell me internships were the best way to gain related experience and to “get your foot in the door” – They were correct. My internships played a major role in my success after school.

Q: You worked with the Bengals selling tickets. What is it like selling tickets at a professional level?

A:  Right after graduation, I was lucky enough to land a job with the Cincinnati Bengals. Growing up in Cincinnati, the Bengals have always been my favorite team, therefore, nearly making this my dream job. Ticket Sales is tough. There no two ways about it. It’s a grind.  It’s hard work calling eighty people a day and maybe selling a ticket or two if you catch a guy in a good mood.  But the experience you gain will undoubtedly  propel you through the early stages of your career. In fact, my ticket sales background is the whole reason I ended up back here at ProCamps. They were looking for someone with sales experience. They were looking for someone who was comfortable on the phones. They were looking for someone to manage accounts and work well with others. All of this experience was gained while with the Bengals. And to be honest, even though you get rejected, hung up on, or ignored by prospective customers, ticket sales is a lot of fun. The people you meet along the way and the memories you create for fans will last a lifetime. Some of my best friends in the sport industry came from my inside sales class. Plus, who else can call and say “Hi this is Alex with the Cincinnati Bengals”…not many. It’s a lot better than selling vacuums.

Selling tickets at the professional level requires a great deal of professionalism and hard work. You’re not necessarily selling a ticket, but rather selling an experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re the best team or worst team, fans will come back if you provide a great experience.


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