Student Spotlight: Scotty Gruszka

HeadshotMajor: Sport Marketing

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois 

Graduation: May 2017


Q: You started a website a few years back. How has something like that benefited you? What was the purpose of that?

A:  I started it simply as an attempt to try out sports writing. I was able to have some different people contribute and it was fun but not something I ultimately wanted to keep up with. It didn’t benefit me much from a sports standpoint, mainly on small business items. I learned how to get a website off the ground, start social media accounts and do some digital marketing, and establish a reader base (albeit pretty small).

Q: You’ve held a number of different internships in the athletics department at Xavier. What were those? Which one have you most enjoyed and why?

A:  I started out as a sophomore in the BarrackX, then junior year I moved to game day marketing while continuing to help out with the BarrackX, and then this year I moved over to Xavier Sports Properties (XSP) as their Property Assistant. I’ve most enjoyed working with Xavier Sports Properties. I enjoyed working in the other departments but I kept wanting more at the end of the year. In working for XSP and Learfield I’ve found a career path that I truly enjoy doing.

Q: What was the transition like from Marketing and the BarrackX as a Junior to working with sponsorships with Xavier Sport Properties as a Senior?

A:  It was a surprisingly smooth transition. XSP and the Athletic Department work hand in hand together and there is a lot of overlapping. With my experience in social media/digital and marketing for the Athletic Department, there were very few things that I was playing catch up on with XSP. I’ve loved the creative challenges that come with trying to sell corporate sponsorships and working with clients to help them achieve the recognition they desire for their brand.

Q:  What is something you wish you had experience in or knew how to do before going into these internship positions?  

A: Honestly, there wasn’t much. Had I stuck with one internship in my time then there would have been a lot of things that I wish I knew or had experience in. But because I was able to try out so much in 4 years, I’ve been lucky enough to have my hand in a lot of different departments that help Xavier Athletics operate.

Q: Do you have any advice for anyone trying to break into the sport industry?

A:  If you’re having trouble figuring out what you want to do, then work on figuring out what you don’t want to do. I was clueless freshman year what I wanted to do within the sports industry and that is when I started my website and began looking at opportunities within the Athletic Department. From then on I kept trying different tasks and crossing them off my checklist of things that I might want to do until I was able to whittle it down and land at Xavier Sports Properties.

Also, once you land an internship or job, make yourself available. When your boss says that he/she needs help with something or they need someone to take on a task that may be outside of your requirements, offer yourself up. It gives you necessary experience and lets your boss know that you’re willing to work hard and make an impact.

Q: What are you doing next after graduation?

A:   I don’t have a job yet, but I am working with Learfield’s two hiring recruiters to be placed within the company after graduation.



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