Student Spotlight: Kirby Boehm


kirbyCurrent Role: Graduate Student & Intern with Xavier SAASS

Expected Graduation: Spring 2017

Hometown: Worthington, Ohio


Q: Where did you earn your undergraduate degree and what did you major in?

A: I earned my undergraduate degree from Capital University and majored in Business Management.

Q: What attracted you to Xavier’s grad program?

A: Xavier’s grad program was enticing because it allowed me to gain a contrasting viewpoint to my previous experiences at Capital.  Coming from a small liberal arts school, Xavier gave me the opportunity to learn from a Division I athletic department as I pursued my Master’s degree in Sport Administration.

Q: Tell us briefly about your experience with the Xavier SAASS. Also, what does that stand for?

A: SAASS stands for Student Athlete Academic Support Services.  I work with Xavier student-athletes and help them with everything outside the field of competition.  Whether that be monitoring study tables or helping students schedule for the next semester, I do whatever I can to help support the full time advisors and student-athletes at Xavier.

Q: How has your internship helped prepare you for a full-time position?

A: My internship has allowed me to wear many hats around the office.  The SAASS staff has been incredibly supportive of my desire to enter the field of academic advising.  In the short time I’ve been here I have been able to advise a select group of student-athletes and work on multiple projects which will help me better market myself as I look for a full-time position at another university.

Q: What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned so far in your internship or in the grad program at Xavier?

A: The most valuable thing I’ve learned from my time at Xavier is just how important it is to  build relationships with those around you.  Networking is a huge skill to work on! Take the time to talk to your classmates, your professors and others involved on campus.  Treat everyone the way they want to be treated and establish a group you can lean on for advice later down the road.

Q: After you graduate, where do you plan to go/what do you plan to do next?

A: Upon completion of my degree I plan on having a full-time position in a SAASS office. Whether that is as full-time intern to gain more experience or as full time advisor has yet to be determined.

Q: Anything else you want to share with current Xavier students as they prepare for a career in sports?

A: Get as much experience as you can.  If you’re only doing what is required in your current job, the only job you’re qualified for is the one you’re currently in.  Go the extra mile with everything you do, even it doesn’t seem “important” in your mind.  Treat everything like it’s important and one day you’ll be doing something EVERYONE thinks is important.




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