Student Spotlight: Kyle Tooley

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Major: Sport Management & Public Relations

Hometown: Sacramento, California

Expected Graduation: May 2017


Q: What are your plans upon graduation?

A:  I will be doing a postgraduate internship with Cincinnati Bengals in their media relations department.

Q: This past summer you had a PR Internship with the Madison Mallards minor league baseball team. What were your responsibilities for this internship?

A:   When you work for a collegiate summer league team, a better question is what did you not do for the team. I logged over 800 hours that summer, being in charge of the daily program, the website, all press releases, managing the roster, statistics, baseball operations and more. It was a grueling internship, but I grew so much from it. I highly recommend an internship of that extent to anyone who wants to work in sports. You get very little sleep, but a bevy of experience and knowledge.

Q: Were there any classes at Xavier that best prepared you for this internship in PR?

A:  Most of the notable classes that prepared me for this position were all in the communications department. Everything from Writing for the Media and Public Relations Writing to Media Ethics gave me valuable tools to move forward in athletic communications. The biggest thing that I’ll take from Xavier, though, was my time with the Xavier Newswire. Producing content on a weekly basis and working with other people to make a product that you are proud of was extremely valuable experience.

Q: What is one skillset that you think is most important in a PR job?

A:  Organization is a huge one. You have to be able to stay on a schedule with all the different tasks that are involved. If you lose track of those, you can fall behind in the blink of an eye. Another valuable skillset would be the ability to work well and communicate with others. With my role in media relations, I am constantly communicating with people that outrank me in a major way and that I don’t know. It’s important to act professional and communicate in a positive way.

Q:  You have an extensive background in sports, where did you look to find these internships/jobs?

A:  Every position I’ve ever received was from Teamwork Online or from connections in some way, shape or form. Sometimes both. My internship with the Bengals is one that I applied for on Teamwork Online and asked some contacts to reach out to them on my behalf. Sports is so much of “who you know,” so building a strong network is important. That is why all members of this club should attend as many of speaker events as possible. You never know where it will take you!

Q:  Any advice you wish you were given?

A:  If you have an idea of what field of sport you want to work in (sales, marketing, communications, etc.), get internships in those fields! I’ve done marketing, ticketing and corporate sales internships that make no difference in my job candidacy in communications. The fact of the matter is you can’t get an entry-level job in a major league without AT LEAST two to three internships with relevant experience. No internship should be too small, so rack up the knowledge.

Social media:

Twitter: @k_tools

Instagram: @k_tools

LinkedIn / Facebook: Kyle Tooley


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